New to FCC?

What To Expect 



FCC has been on the move for the last 10 years.  After meeting in a community center for 2 years, God blessed this ministry to purchase 55 acres in the Sneads Ferry area.  Worship services were held in a small house for a time until the purchase of a new modular building which currently serves as the Worship Center for FCC.  We recently purchased another building to house the growing children and youth ministry at FCC.

What is the Dress Code?

Jeans and a T-Shirt, flip flops or shoes.  You may see the occasional suit and tie, but not often.  Dress comfortable.  Just be yourself.  We figure Jesus would probably be in sandals and a toga, so we're pretty casual also.  

What style of church service do you have?

Our goal is to be open to God and His leading in everything that we do.  Our worship services are not liturgical, so there is not a set itinerary.  There is a worship team consisting of singers, guitars, drums, keyboard, saxophone, and other instrumentalists that join with our congregation in worship of God through song.  The preaching/teaching is practical and down to earth, with a goal of reaching every person no matter where they come from or how "churched" they are. Along with the traditional time for tithe and offering we also have a jar near the altars where you can bring your offering as a part of worship if and when ever you feel comfortable.  Some give before, during, or after worship, or even after the entire service is over. 

Is there a program for children?

Yes!  We have an active children's church for ages 3-12.  Nursery/Child Care is provided during our services as well for ages infant-2.  Youth On Fire is our youth group ranging from 7th graders to 12th graders.  Children are so important to God, and we recognize how special they are to Him.