Andre Persun- Lead Pastor

     Andre was born on June 23, 1982 in Huntington, West Virginia.  His family moved to eastern North Carolina in 1984, which is where they still live today. In 2004 he married his wife Tammy and they have two beautiful young daughters, Shawna and Holly.

      Andre grew up with sports as his passion.  In 1995 he was introduced to Pastor Gary Garmon through his involvement with the local recreational basketball league.  Pastor Garmon was the Senior Pastor of New River Community Church of God in Sneads Ferry, NC.  A growing relationship between Pastor Garmon and the Persun family is what brought them through the doors of the church for the first time.  Andre gave his life to the Lord in the summer of 1996.  His father (Bob) and mother (Deby) also began a relationship with Jesus Christ the same summer at NRCC.  Andre went on to begin serving in the church in whatever capacity they would allow.  He started by cleaning pews after Sunday service, which led to answering phones and doing office work for the church in the summer.  He would go on to serve on worship team and work for the church day care.

      At age 15 Andre had an experience that changed the direction of his life forever.  While attending a Christian sports camp he was asked to give his testimony at the final night service where the Keynote speaker of the night would call for salvation.  Andre had never spoken in front of a large group of people before, but when they asked him, he knew that God wanted him to speak.  He spent the entire day fasting for the first time in his life praying for God to give him the words to say.  That night he went on stage and delivered a word that touched the people.  He was amazed at how many people came up to him at the end of the night and told him how much God had used him to touch their life and encouraged them to give their life to God.  To this day he still say he does not remember a word he said.  “From the moment I stepped up on that platform God just took over.  It’s like I wasn’t ever there.”  From that moment Andre knew that God had called him into the ministry.

      Like many teenagers Andre struggled to walk in integrity as a Christian while in High School.  At age 18, at a youth convention in Orlando, Andre finally took up his calling believing God to open a door for ministry.  He believed that God wanted him to be a worship leader but did not know how to play an instrument.  Andre began practicing the piano at home and at the church.  Two weeks after he began playing he got a call from a man who was starting a home bible study, they wanted some worship.  This phone call was the door Andre had prayed for.  Only two weeks after beginning to play piano he was leading worship.  Andre would go on to help start a church from this bible study, become their worship leader, get ordained as a minister, serve as Associate Pastor, and eventually became the Senior Pastor over the Church of the Living God in Sneads Ferry, NC in 2002.

      Andre served as the Senior Pastor for the Church of the Living God from 2002 to 2007.  During his pastorship he also served on the board of the Church of the Living God Association where he would specialize in youth conventions and church aid.  Andre was fortunate to travel to many places on the east coast ministering the Word of God and leading people in worship.  During this time God began to develop the prophetic ministry that Andre serves in today. 

      In August of 2007 Andre resigned as the Senior Pastor of the Church of the Living God to follow the call of God to begin a ministry that would play a role in the great Harvest of the Scriptures. Andre now serves as the Executive Ministry Director of Awakening International.  Andre travels where ever God opens a door to deliver the word that God has established inside of him.  In the beginning of 2008 God set ablaze the prophetic gifting in this young man’s life. Now he is partnering with pastors in the city and surrounding areas to join together in the world wide revival that God is pouring out in the earth.

         In January of 2010 God led Andre to join forces with Faith Covenant in Sneads Ferry NC to advance the Kingdom of God in the region.  January 2012 Andre was appointed as the pastor over FCC, being called to lead this church into the mighty work God has called His people to here.