Andre Persun Ministries

     Andre Persun Ministries is dedicated to equipping the Body of Christ to live and dwell in the Kingdom of God here in the earth.  God has called us to blow the flame of REVIVAL & AWAKENING among those seeking the glory of God!  Through the preaching of the Word of God, leading people into authentic corporate worship and personal lives of worship, and fathering sons & daughters with the intent to release them into the Kingdom work for which they were created, the Kingdom of God will advance into all of the corners of the earth.  We invite you to follow, pray for, and support this ministry as we follow God's call to the nations!

   We are currently believing for 50 people who will partner with us on a monthly basis at $50/mo.  This will enable our ministry to pursue this work on a daily basis.  Please pray to and see if God is calling you to partner wth us.  If so, log in to the giving portal on the right side of the page to set up your monthly giving to the ministry.  Be sure to choose Andre Persun Ministries as the fund you are choosing to support.   We thank you for your generous support!